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Reasonable Woman is so filled to the brim with pop perfection, it almost overwhelms with how effortless it is for her to craft such instantly connectable songs. The collection is everything Sia does best, and the sonic equivalent of a myriad of things: an empowering embrace, secrets told late at night, going to the best party in the world, the vulnerability of declaring you love someone, the steadfast determination to keep going, even if your love isn’t returned; the messiness of being human; the exuberance of being human.


1. Little Wing
2. Immortal Queen (featuring Chaka Khan and ???)
3. Dance Alone (Sia and Kylie Minogue)
4. I Had A Heart
5. Gimme Love
6. Nowhere To Be
7. Towards The Sun
8. Incredible (feat. Labrinth)
9. Champion (featuring Tierra Whack, Kaliii and Jimmy Jolliff)
10. Fame Won’t Love You (with Paris Hilton)
11. I Forgive You
12. Wanna Be Known
13. One Night
14. Go On
15. Rock and Balloon
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