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1   Perplexagon Part 1      2:03
2   Perplexagon Part 2      5:21
3   Perplexagon Part 3      5:27
4   Perplexagon Part 4      5:26
5   Perplexagon Part 5      1:55
6   Perplexagon Part 6      3:53
7   Dawn      7:05
8   Deep Blue      5:54
9   Solar Wind Surfing For Beginners With Dr. Bob      6:05
10   Song For Roger      2:27

Packaged in a two panel digipak. From inside digipak: Track 10 (Song For Roger): dedicated to Roger Nyman. Instruments used: Yamaha CS-50; Korg Mono/Poly, Micro-Preset M500, Polysix, Poly-61 & MS-20; Roland TR-808, Juno-60, Alpha Juno 1&2, JX8P & Jupiter 6; Moog Source & Minimoog; Jomox MBase 11 & Air Base 99; Touched By Sound DRM1; Dave Smith Instruments Tetra; Oberheim Matrix 6R & 1000; Arp Odyssey; Vermona Kick Lancet; Marion Systems ProSynth; MAM MB 33 II. Mastered at Chartmakers. "This is an ADDAD record: The only instruments used were Analog synthesizers, which were pre-mixed with a Digital mixer. The mix was recorded using a Digital audio workstation, which was also used for the final mix. The mix was pre-mastered using Analog signal processors, after which it was Digitally mastered." "First of all a big shoutout to all my fans for continuing to support and push me forward! Many thanks to Jaakko Tarvainen and Secret Entertainment for successfully publishing my releases despite the challenging timetables! Thanks to Wemppa Koivumäki for providing the carrot to complete the album earlier than planned! A big thank you to all who have assisted me with my concerts! Your help is truly valuable and appreciated. Finally, thanks go to my family for being there and providing a safe haven for me whenever I need to rest." On back of digipak: ℗ © 2016 Sebastian Teir


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