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A1   Roots And Beginnings      6:31
A2   Journey To The Cross-Roads      2:17
A3   The Road To Isengard      2:18
A4   The Foot Of Orthanc      4:45
A5   Return To Edoras      1:51
A6   The Chalice Passed      1:51
A7   The Green Dragon      0:35
B1   Gollum's Villainy      2:10
B2   Éowyn's Dream      1:24
B3   The Palantír      3:10
B4   Flight From Edoras      2:18
B5   The Grace Of Undómiel      6:21
B6   The Eyes Of The White Tower      4:34
C1   A Coronal Of Silver And Gold      8:27
C2   The Lighting Of The Beacons      9:03
D1   Osgilliath Invaded      8:47
D2   The Stairs Of Cirith Ungol      2:41
D3   Allegiance To Denethor      3:20
D4   The Sacrifice Of Faramir      4:08
E1   The Parting Of Sam And Frodo      4:04
E2   Marshalling At Dunharrow      4:57
E3   Andúril - Flame Of The West      3:28
E4   The Passing Of The Grey Company      4:12
F1   Dwimorberg - The Haunted Mountain      2:26
F2   Master Meriadoc, Swordthain      1:40
F3   The Paths Of The Dead      6:22
F4   The Siege Of Gondor      9:01
G1   Shelob's Lair      8:53
G2   Merry's Simple Courage      2:09
G3   Grond - The Hammer Of The Underworld      1:33
G4   Shelob The Great      5:13
H1   The Tomb Of The Stewards      3:58
H2   The Battle Of The Pelennor Fields      4:10
H3   The Pyre Of Denethor      2:59
H4   The Mûmakil      0:57
H5   Dernhelm In Battle      2:06
H6   "A Far Green Country"      1:28
H7   Shieldmaiden Of Rohan      5:07
I1   The Passing Of Théoden      2:16
I2   The Houses Of Healing      2:58
I3   The Tower Of Cirith Ungol      4:41
I4   The Last Debate      4:21
I5   The Land Of Shadow      6:30
J1   The Mouth Of Sauron      8:15
J2   "For Frodo"      3:17
J3   Mount Doom      4:09
J4   The Crack Of Doom      4:02
J5   The Eagles      2:24
K1   The Fellowship Reunited      12:18
K2   The Journey To The Grey Havens      7:35
L1   Elanor      1:28
L2   Days Of The Ring      11:10
L3   Bilbo's Song      2:57

THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING: THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS will be released on vinyl for the first time as a 6-LP boxed set. Housed in a collector’s box with a green leather-style spine, the collection is limited to 8,000 individually numbered copies on green vinyl.
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