Ost: Breaking Bad -Coloured 5LP

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Season One      
A1   Breaking Bad Main Title Theme (Extended)       
A2   Tamacun      
A3   Dead Fingers Talking      
A4   The Hole      
A5   Walt Jr. - Band Aids (Dialogue)      
A6   Didn't I      
B1   Out Of Time Man      
B2   Mango Walk      
B3   Nine Years      
B4   Uh      
B5   Skinny Pete - Spelling (Dialogue)      
B6   Catch Yer Own Train      
Season Two      
C1   Red Moon      
C2   Marie Schrader - Supermarket (Dialogue)      
C3   Waiting Around To Die      
C4   Negro Y Azul: The Ballad Of Heisenberg      
C5   Banderilla      
D1   Holla Hey      
D2   One By One      
D3   Good Morning Freedom      
D4   Walter White - Plans (Dialogue)      
D5   Zungguzungguguzungguzeng      
Season Three      
E1   Gustavo Fring - $3 Million (Dialogue)      
E2   Pollos Hermanos Veneno      
E3   He Venido      
E4   Ginza Samba      
E5   Rocket Scientist      
F1   Shimmy Shimmy Ya      
F2   Shake A Bone      
F3   Windy      
F4   Saul Goodman - Pricing (Dialogue)      
F5   Crapa Pelada      
F6   A Horse With No Name      
Season Four      
G1   Truth      
G2   1977      
G3   Skyler White - Quicken (dialogue)      
G4   Bang Data      
G5   If I Had A Heart      
H1   Jesse Pinkman - Hospital (Dialogue)      
H2   Goodbye      
H3   Tidal Wave      
H4   Saul Goodman - Sloppy Seconds (Dialogue)      
H5   Freestyle       
Season Five      
I1   Stay On The Outside      
I2   Mike Ehrmantraut - Jesse James (Dialogue)      
I3   On A Clear Day You Can See Forever      
I4   Bonfire      
J1   Crystal Blue Persuasion      
J2   Take My True Love By The Hand      
J3   Hank Schrader - Asac Schrader (Dialogue)      
J4   El Paso      
J5   Baby Blue      

Housed in a lift off box-set with Breaking Bad poster, "Los Pollos Hermanos" plastic ID badge, 24-page booklet. Limited edition of 5000 numbered copies.
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