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Beyonce: Cowboy Carter Deluxe edition 2LP Vinyl New

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New Deluxe 2LP edition with the complete Cowboy Carter tracklist totaling 27 tracks + alternate cover art compared to the previous vinyl editions.

Expectations have been high for Beyonce's follow-up to her 2022 masterpiece 'Act 1: Renaissance'. And when news began to circulate that the follow-up "Act II: Cowboy Carter" would be Beyonce's take on a country album, it sparked both wonder and hope among the fanbase. Could she pull it off?

The answer, unsurprisingly, is a resounding YES! Of course she could. And while "Cowboy Carter" is a Texan country album in spirit, it's wrapped in all the technical R&B flair and consistent originality that has become Beyonce's trademark. It's also a massive statement. A black woman embracing and reshaping a genre that has been associated with 'white America' for decades. Beyonce doesn't do anything half-heartedly, and 'Cowboy Carter' is perhaps her most important and powerful album to date.

Track list

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