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Original Album      
A1   Victory Of Love      4:19
A2   Summer In Berlin      4:46
A3   Big In Japan      4:44
A4   To Germany With Love      4:13
A5   Fallen Angel      3:57
B1   Forever Young      3:46
B2   In The Mood      4:32
B3   Sounds Like A Melody      4:46
B4   Lies      3:32
B5   The Jet Set      4:56
Original Album      
CD1-1   A Victory Of Love      4:19
CD1-2   Summer In Berlin      4:46
CD1-3   Big In Japan      4:44
CD1-4   To Germany With Love      4:13
CD1-5   Fallen Angel      3:57
CD1-6   Forever Young      3:46
CD1-7   In The Mood      4:32
CD1-8   Sounds Like A Melody      4:46
CD1-9   Lies      3:32
CD1-10   The Jet Set      4:56
Original 7", B-Sides And 12" Versions      
CD2-1   Big In Japan (Single Version)      3:56
CD2-2   Seeds      3:17
CD2-3   Sounds Like A Melody (Single Version)      4:33
CD2-4   The Nelson Highrise Sector 1 - The Elevator (Single Version)      3:14
CD2-5   Forever Young (Version Rapide)      3:51
CD2-6   Welcome To The Sun      3:12
CD2-7   The Jet Set (Single Remix)      3:53
CD2-8   Golden Feeling      3:53
CD2-9   Big In Japan (Extended Remix)      7:26
CD2-10   Sounds Like A Melody (Special Long Version)      7:43
CD2-11   The Nelson Highrise Sector 1 - The Elevator (12" Version)      4:13
CD2-12   Forever Young (Special Extended Dance Mix)      6:12
CD2-13   The Jet Set (Jellybean Mix)      6:31
CD2-14   Big In Japan (Extended Instrumental)      5:59
CD2-15   The Jet Set (Dub Mix)      5:08
Original Demo Versions      
CD3-1   A Victory Of Love (Demo Remix)      4:19
CD3-2   Summer In Berlin (Original Demo)      6:57
CD3-3   Big In Japan (Demo Remix)      6:24
CD3-4   To Germany With Love (Original Demo)      4:29
CD3-5   Fallen Angel (Demo Remix)      4:08
CD3-6   Forever Young (Demo Remix)      4:45
CD3-7   In The Mood (Demo Remix)      5:05
CD3-8   Sounds Like A Melody (Original Demo)      4:25
CD3-9   Lies (Original Demo)      3:49
CD3-10   The Jet Set (Original Demo)      4:22
CD3-11   Leben Ohne Ende / Seeds (Original Demo)      3:16
CD3-12   Traumtänzer (Original Demo)      5:18
CD3-13   Blauer Engel (Original Demo)      4:40
CD3-14   Romance (Demo Sketch)      1:17
CD3-15   Colours (Instrumental)      3:24
CD3-16   Into The Dark (Demo Remix)      4:33
Documentary And Original Videos      
DVD-1   Documentary "Never Grow Up - The Story Of Forever Young"      59:42
DVD-2   Big In Japan      3:49
DVD-3   Sounds Like A Melody      3:32
DVD-4   Forever Young      3:41
DVD-5   The Jet Set      3:51

Released in a gatefold, hardback sleeve. Hype sticker reads: "Super Deluxe Box-Set - Limited Edition: 3 CD + DVD + 180G LP 24-page booklet including rare and unseen photos, production notes and quotes bz the band plus liner notes original producer Colin Pearson and the former A&R at WEA Records.
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