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CD1 - Unzipped... In The Studio:The Love Songs      
CD1-1   Love Is Blind      
CD1-2   One Of These Days      
CD1-3   All The Time In The World      
CD1-4   Wherever You May Go      
CD1-5   Easier Said Than Done      
CD1-6   Fare Thee Well      
CD1-7   Summer Rain      
CD1-8   Forevermore      
CD1-9   'Till The End Of Time      
CD1-10   Wherever You May Go (instrumental)      
CD1-11   Love Is Blind (instrumental)      
CD 2 - Starkers In Tokyo (1997)      
CD2-1   Sailing Ships      
CD2-2   Too Many Tears      
CD2-3   The Deeper The Love      
CD2-4   Love Ain't No Stranger      
CD2-5   Can't Go On      
CD2-6   Give Me All Your Love      
CD2-7   Don't Fade Away      
CD2-8   Is This Love      
CD2-9   Here I Go Again      
CD2-10   Soldier Of Fortune      
CD2-11   Only My Soul (a cappella)      
CD2-12   Fool For Your Loving (excerpt)      
CD 3 - Snakeskin Boots:Starkers In Europe      
CD3-1   Intro      
CD3-2   Sailing Ships      
CD3-3   Too Many Tears      
CD3-4   Here I Go Again      
CD3-5   Intro      
CD3-6   Give Me All Your Love      
CD3-7   Ain't Gonna Cry No More       
CD3-8   Only My Soul (a cappella)      
CD3-9   All I Want Is You      
CD3-10   Dog      
CD3-11   Here I Go Again      
CD3-12   Intro      
CD3-13   Give Me All Your Love       
CD3-14   Ain't Gonna Cry No More      
CD3-15   All I Want Is You      
CD3-16   Slow & Easy       
CD3-17   Dog      
CD3-18   Give Me All Your Love      
CD3-19   Ain't Gonna Cry No More      
CD3-20   Northwinds (a cappella)      
CD3-21   All I Want Is You      
CD3-22   Dog      
CD3-23   Blindman (a cappella)      
CD3-24   Here I Go Again       
CD 4 - More Starkers...      
CD4-1   If You Want Me      
CD4-2   Give Me All Your Love      
CD4-3   Slow & Easy      
CD4-4   All I Want Is You      
CD4-5   Judgement Day      
CD4-6   Ain't Gonna Cry No More      
CD4-7   Dog      
CD4-8   Give Me All Your Love      
CD4-9   Can You Hear The Wind Blow       
CD4-10   All I Want All I Need      
CD4-11   Lay Down Your Love       
CD4-12   Fool For Your Loving       
CD4-13   The Deeper The Love       
CD4-14   Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City       
CD4-15   Here I Go Again       
CD4-16   Easier Said Than Done       
CD4-17   Fare Thee Well       
CD4-18   Love Will Set You Free       
CD4-19   Mistreated       
CD4-20   Slide It In       
CD4-21   'Till The End Of Time       
CD4-22   Shake My Tree       
CD4-23   Good To Be Bad       
CD4-24   Tell Me How       
CD 5 - Up Close & Personal (Previously Unreleased Acoustic Demo Ideas)      
CD5-1   Wherever You May Go       
CD5-2   Surrender      
CD5-3   Ain't No Doubt About My Girl       
CD5-4   Scat Man Blues       
CD5-5   Love's A Crazy Game       
CD5-6   I Will Love You      
CD5-7   Oh Baby You're The One       
CD5-8   So Long       
CD5-9   So Long       
CD5-10   It Would Be Nice      
CD5-11   Slide Thingy Blues      
CD5-12   Down To The River       
CD5-13   Feel Your Love Grow Stronger       
CD5-14   Blues Jam Riff       
CD5-15   Fun Lick Blues       
CD5-16   Don't Wanna Change The World       
CD5-17   It's So Hard       
CD5-18   River Song       
CD5-19   Let's Have A Drink Before I Go       
CD5-20   Can You Ever Forgive Me      
CD5-21   So Much To Live For       
CD5-22   Another Lick While The Missus Is Busy In The Kitchen      
CD5-23   Just The Two Of Us (Together You And I)       
CD5-24   Oh S___ Blues       
CD5-25   Seasons      
DVD - Unzipped... The DVD Video      
DVD-1   Sailing Ships      
DVD-2   Too Many Tears       
DVD-3   The Deeper The Love       
DVD-4   Can't Go On       
DVD-5   Is This Love       
DVD-6   Give Me All Your Love       
DVD-7   Here I Go Again       
DVD-8   Soldier Of Fortune On      
DVD-9   Love Ain't No Stranger       
DVD-10   Don't Fade Don't Fade Away      
DVD-11   Only My Soul       
DVD-12   Fool For Your Loving       
DVD-13   Give Me All Your Love       
DVD-14   Can You Hear The Wind Blow       
DVD-15   All I Want All I Need       
DVD-16   Lay Down Your Love       
DVD-17   Fool For Your Loving       
DVD-18   The Deeper The Love       
DVD-19   Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City       
DVD-20   Here I Go Again       
DVD-21   Intro      
DVD-22   Sailing Ships       
DVD-23   Too Many Tears       
DVD-24   Here I Go Again       
DVD-25   Intro      

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