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A1   Sekret      
A2   Snap      
A3   Halo      
A4   Not The Same      
A5   Fade To Black      
B1   Miss You      
B2   Intention      
B3   Boys Do Cry      
B4    Ela      
B5   Lights Off      
C1   Rockstars      
C2   The Show      
C3   Hope      
C4   SloMo      
C5   Jezebel      
D1   Fulenn      
D2   SPACE MAN      
D3   Lock Me In      
D4   Die Together      
D5   Guilty Pleasure      
E1   That's Rioh      
E2    I.M.      
E3   Með Hækkandi Sól      
E4   Brividi      
E5   Sentimentai      
F1   Eat Your Salad      
F2   Trenuleţul      
F3   Breathe      
F4   Circles      
F5   I Am What I Am      
G1   De Diepte      
G2   Give That Wolf A Banana      
G3   River      
G4   Saudade, Saudade      
G5   Llámame      
H1   In Corpore Sano      
H2   Hold Me Closer      
H3   Disko      
H4   Stripper      
H5   Stefania      

Limited Edition All 40 songs from the world's largest live music event. The order of the tracks on this album is alphabetical by country according to two letter codes as defined in ISO 3166-1 alfa-3 LP ONE SIDE A: 1. Albania, 2. Armenia, 3. Austria, 4. Australia, 5. Azerbaijan. SIDE B: 1. Belgium, 2. Bulgaria, 3. Switzerland, 4. Cyprus, 5. Czech Republic. LP TWO SIDE A: 1. Germany, 2. Denmark, 3. Estonia, 4. Spain, 5. Finland. SIDE B: 1. France, 2. United Kingdom, 3. Georgia, 4. Greece, 5. Croatia. LP THREE SIDE A: 1. Ireland, 2. Israel, 3. Iceland, 4. Italy, 5. Lithuania. SIDE B: 1. Latvia, 2. Moldova, 3. Montenegro, 4. North Macedonia, 5. Malta. LP FOUR SIDE A: 1. The Netherlands, 2. Norway, 3. Poland, 4. Portugal, 5. Romania. SIDE B: 1. Serbia, 2. Sweden, 3. Slovenia, 4. San Marino, 5. Ukraine. ℗ & © 2022 Universal Music (Denmark) A/S All rights reserved.Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance, distribution, broadcasting and making availalbe or communication to the public prohibited. Made in the EU. LC01846 Universal International Music B.V. 'S Gravelandseweg 80, 1217 EW Hilversum, Netherlands. BIEM/SDRM. 0602445598144. 4559814
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