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A1   P Control      5:59
A2   NPG Operator #1      0:12
A3   Endorphinmachine      4:07
A4   Shhh      7:18
A5   We March      4:49
B1   NPG Operator #2      0:18
B2   The Most Beautiful Girl In The World      4:25
B3   Dolphin      4:59
B4   NPG Operator #3      0:20
B5   Now      4:30
B6   NPG Operator #4      0:31
B7   319      3:05
C1   NPG Operator #5      0:10
C2   Shy      5:04
C3   Billy Jack Bitch      5:32
C4   I Hate U      5:54
C5   NPG Operator #6      0:45
C6   Gold      7:23
I Hate U (The Remixes)      
D1   I Hate U (Extended Remix)      6:17
D2   I Hate U (Album Version)      6:08
D3   I Hate U (Quiet Night Mix)      3:56
D4   I Hate U (Single Version With Guitar Solo)      4:25
D5   I Hate U (Single Version Without Guitar Solo)      3:48

'Record Store Day' hype sticker on shrink-wrap: Replica of the [url=] expanded, limited edition promo version[/url] of Princes [url=]1995 album[/url] on 2 gold LP's features "[url=]the most beautiful girl in the world[/url]," "[url=]gold[/url]," plus 5 "[url=]I hate U[/url]" remixes Liner notes sticker: ℗ 1995 & © 1995, 2022 The Prince Estate/NPG Records. Distributed by Sony Music Entertainment. Sony Music Entertainment International Service GmbH, [...] Gütersloh, Germany. [...] Made in the EU. Labels: ℗ 1995 & © 1995, 2022 The Prince Estate/NPG Records. Distributed by Sony Music Entertainment [...] Made in the EU. Remarks: Part of the "RSD Drops 2022 - June 18" in a quantity of 24,150 and categorized as an 'RSD First' release The pronounced title (I hate you) is release wide stylized as '[Eye symbol] hate U' Vinyl housed in die-cut black paper, anti-static inner sleeves The following track durations are incorrect printed on the labels: track B6 ( :20), track C1 (5:59) and track D3 (6:56)
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