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Original Album (Stereo) 2020 Remaster + Alternate Versions      
CD1-1   The Contenders      
CD1-2   Strangers      
CD1-3   Denmark Street      
CD1-4   Get Back In Line      
CD1-5   Lola      
CD1-6   Top Of The Pops      
CD1-7   The Moneygoround      
CD1-8   This Time Tomorrow      
CD1-9   A Long Way From Home      
CD1-10   Rats      
CD1-11   Apeman      
CD1-12   Powerman      
CD1-13   Got To Be Free      
Alternate Versions      
CD1-14   Lola (Mono Single Mix)      
CD1-15   Apeman (UK Mono Single Mix)      
CD1-16   Rats (Mono Single Mix)      
CD1-17   Powerman (Mono Mix)      
CD1-18   Apeman (Alternate Version, Stereo)      
CD1-19   The Moneygoround (Alternate Version, Stereo)      
Alternate Versions / New Medleys & Mixes / Demos / Film Soundtrack      
CD2-1   This Time Tomorrow (Alternate Take, 2020 Mix)      
CD2-2   Top Of The Pops (2020 Mix)      
CD2-3   Lola/RadioSpot, Edit (Ray's Kitchen Sink)      
CD2-4   Got To Be Free (Ray's Kitchen Sink)      
CD2-5   The Contenders (Ray's Kitchen Sink)      
CD2-6   The Good Life (2020 Mix)      
CD2-7   Apeman (Unplugged Live Version)      
CD2-8   Get Back In Line (Live Version)      
CD2-9   Marathon (Edit, From "The Long Distance Piano Player")      
CD2-10   Got To Be Free (Edit, From "The Long Distance Piano Player")      
CD2-11   Lola (Ray Davies & Band With The Danish National Chamber Orchestra & The Danish National Vocal Ensemble)      
CD2-12   The Good Life (2012 Alternate Mix)      
CD2-13   Apeman (US Mono Single Mix)      
CD2-14   Moments (2020 Mix)      
CD2-15   This Time Tomorrow & Cassette Demos Medley (Ray's Kitchen Sink)      
Alternate Versions / New Medleys & Mixes / Demos / Live      
CD3-1   Get Back In Line (Ray's Kitchen Sink)      
CD3-2   Rats (Ray's Kitchen Sink)      
CD3-3   Rats (2020 Mix)      
CD3-4   Powerman (Ray's Kitchen Sink)      
CD3-5   Powerman (2020 Mix)      
CD3-6   The Contenders (Instrumental Demo)      
CD3-7   Anytime      
CD3-8   A Long Way From Home (Ray's Kitchen Sink)      
CD3-9   A Long Way From Home (Live, Austin City Limits, 2006)      
CD3-10   Strangers (Ray's Kitchen Sink)      
CD3-11   Strangers (2020 Stereo Mix)      
CD3-12   The Way Love Used To Be (2020 Monitor Mix)      
CD3-13   Apeman (Morgan Studios Run-Through)      
CD3-14   Radio Spot/Live, Queens College, Flushing, NY, 1971      
CD3-15   The Follower - Any Time 2020 (Featuring Anytime By The Kinks)      
Lola / Berkeley Mews (Italian Picture Sleeve)      
A   Lola      4:06
B   Berkeley Mews      2:39
Apeman / Rats (Portuguese Picture Sleeve)      
A   Apeman      3:42
B   Rats      2:45

The set also includes a book (60 pages, hardback, with extensive notes, new band quotes, rare photos and memorabilia. Includes The Kinks 1970 diary of activities) and 4 small glossy Kinks photos. A limited run of Initials copies included an additional bonus 7" single of Lola / Berkley Mews (misspelling as per the original release) with a reproduction Danish picture sleeve Catalog # BMGCAT434SVD2C, as well as a bespoke Lola Versus Powerman pin badge.
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