Hackett Steve: Broken Skies Outspread Wings 6CD

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Till We Have Faces      
CD1-1   Duel      
CD1-2   Matilda Smith-Williams Home For The Aged      
CD1-3   Let Me Count The Ways      
CD1-4   A Doll That's Made In Japan      
CD1-5   Myopia      
CD1-6   What's My Name      
CD1-7   The Rio Connection      
CD1-8   Taking The Easy Way Out      
CD1-9   When You Wish Upon A Star      
Feedback '86      
CD2-1   Cassandra      
CD2-2   Prizefighters      
CD2-3   Slot Machine      
CD2-4   Stadiums Of The Damned      
CD2-5   Don't Fall      
CD2-6   Oh How I Love You      
CD2-7   Notre Dame Des Fleurs      
CD2-8   The Gulf      
CD2-9   When The Heart Rules The Mind (2018 Re-Record Of GTR Track)      
Guitar Noir      
CD3-1   Sierra Quemada      
CD3-2   Take These Pearls      
CD3-3   There Are Many Sides To The Night      
CD3-4   In The Heart Of The City      
CD3-5   Dark As The Grave      
CD3-6   Lost In Your Eyes      
CD3-7   Little America      
CD3-8   Like An Arrow      
CD3-9   Theatre Of Sleep      
CD3-10   Walking Away From Rainbows      
CD3-11   Paint Your Picture      
CD3-12   Vampyre With A Healthy Appetite      
CD3-13   Tristesse      
CD3-14   Sierra Quemada (Demo)      
CD3-15   Take These Pearls (Rough Mix)      
CD3-16   In The Heart Of The City (Original Version)      
CD3-17   Vampyre With A Healthy Appetite (Demo)      
CD4-1   Omega Metallicus      
CD4-2   Darktown      
CD4-3   Man Overboard      
CD4-4   The Golden Age Of Steam      
CD4-5   Days Of Long Ago      
CD4-6   Dreaming With Open Eyes      
CD4-7   Twice Around The Sun      
CD4-8   Rise Again      
CD4-9   Jane Austin's Door      
CD4-10   Darktown Riot      
CD4-11   In Memoriam      
CD4-12   Flame      
CD4-13   Coming Home To The Blues      
CD4-14   Fast Flower      
To Watch The Storms      
CD5-1   Strutton Ground      
CD5-2   Circus Of Becoming      
CD5-3   The Devil Is An Englishman      
CD5-4   Frozen Statues      
CD5-5   Mechanical Bride      
CD5-6   Wind, Sand And Stars      
CD5-7   Brand New      
CD5-8   This World      
CD5-9   Rebecca      
CD5-10   The Silk Road      
CD5-11   Pollution B      
CD5-12   Fire Island      
CD5-13   Marijuana Assassin Of Youth      
CD5-14   When You Come Away      
CD5-15   The Moon Under Water      
CD5-16   Serpentine Song      
CD5-17   Reconditioned Nightmare      
CD5-18   If You Only Knew      
Wild Orchids      
CD6-1   Transylvanian Express      
CD6-2   Waters Of The Wild      
CD6-3   Set Your Compass      
CD6-4   Down Street      
CD6-5   A Girl Called Linda      
CD6-6   Blue Child      
CD6-7   To A Close      
CD6-8   Ego And Id      
CD6-9   Man In The Long Black Coat      
CD6-10   Cedars Of Lebanon      
CD6-11   Wolfwork      
CD6-12   Why      
CD6-13   She Moves In Memories      
CD6-14   The Fundamentals Of Brainwashing      
CD6-15   Howl      
CD6-16   A Dark Night In Toytown      
CD6-17   Until The Last Butterfly      
Surround Sound 5.1 Mixes (DTS 5.1 Surround And Dolby AC3 5.1 Surround)      
DVD1-1   Wolfwork      
DVD1-2   Set Your Compass      
DVD1-3   Cedars Of Lebanon      
DVD1-4   Brand New      
DVD1-5   Serpentine Song      
DVD1-6   Circus Of Becoming      
DVD1-7   When The Heart Rules The Mind      
Videos (LPCM Stereo)      
DVD1-8   Mechanical Bride (Paris 2009)      
DVD1-9   Rise Again (Offenbach 2017)      
DVD1-10   Rainbows (Cologne 2011)      
Somewhere In South America (Dolby Digital 2.0 And Dolby Digital 5.1)      
DVD2-1   The Floating Seventh      
DVD2-2   Mechanical Bride      
DVD2-3   Medley      
DVD2-4   Serpentine Song      
DVD2-5   Watcher Of The Skies      
DVD2-6   Hairless Heart      
DVD2-7   Firth Of Firth      
DVD2-8   Riding The Colossus      
DVD2-9   Pollution      
DVD2-10   The Steppes      
DVD2-11   Gnossienne #1      
DVD2-12   Walking Away From Rainbows      
DVD2-13   Sierra Quemada      
DVD2-14   The Wall Of Knives      
DVD2-15   Vampyre With A Healthy Appetite      
DVD2-16   A Tower Struck Down      
DVD2-17   Lucridus      
DVD2-18   Darktown      
DVD2-19   Camino Royale      
DVD2-20   Intros      
DVD2-21   In Memoriam      
DVD2-22   Horizons      
DVD2-23   Los Endos      
DVD2-24   'Somewhere In Italy' - Backstage Footage & Interviews From The 2000 Italian Tour       

60-page artbook with new liner notes & rare photos.
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