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CD1-1   Artifact / The Turn      2:26
CD1-2   Broken Pieces Shine      3:50
CD1-3   The Game Is Over      4:22
CD1-4   Yeah Right      3:29
CD1-5   Feeding The Dark      4:14
CD1-6   Wasted On You      4:24
CD1-7   Better Without You      4:05
CD1-8   Use My Voice      4:01
CD1-9   Take Cover      3:14
CD1-10   Far From Heaven      4:57
CD1-11   Part Of Me      3:59
CD1-12   Blind Belief      4:13
CD2-1   Wasted On You (Live Studio Session)      4:24
CD2-2   The Game Is Over (Live Studio Session)      4:23
CD2-3   The Only One (Live Studio Session)      4:32
CD2-4   Sick (Live Studio Session)      3:30
CD2-5   Going Under (Live Studio Session)      3:39
CD2-6   Use My Voice (Live Studio Session)      4:01
CD2-7   Bring Me To Life (Live Studio Session)      3:30
CD2-8   Lost In Paradise (Live Studio Session)      5:05
CD2-9   Glory Box (Live Studio Session)      3:56
CD2-10   Across The Universe      3:42
Evolution 2020      
A1   Wolves      
A2   GIO      
A3   UMV      
A4   Will Can't Catch      
A5   Without A Sound      
A6   Take Over      
A7   Woy Bells      
A8   Writing      
A9   Smurfs On Fire      
A10   Blind Belief      
A11   Music Box      
A12   Red Stickers      
A13   Avocado Cream      
A14   Yeah Right      
A15   Back To The Future      
A16   BPS #7.1      
A17   On My Own      
A18   Teleportation      
A19   Father      
B1   The Game Is Over      4:33
B2   Yeah Right      3:32
B3   Use My Voice      3:53
B4   Better Without You      3:53
B5   Wasted On You      4:14
B6   Far From Heaven      4:44
B7   Blind Belief      4:02

This Limited deluxe box contains: - 2CD digipak CD1 "The Bitter Truth" album and CD2 Live Session from Rock Falcon Studio - Cassette with exclusive audio and music from the making of "The Bitter Truth" - Journal with personal foreword from Amy Lee and exclusive content - 'Use My Voice' art print (156 x 218 mm) Cassette tracklisting is unnumbered. P&C 2-21 COLUMBIA. Distributed by Sony Music Entertainment. Made in the EU.
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