Eagles: Live From The Forum MMXVIII 4LP

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A1   Seven Bridges Road      
A2   Joe Walsh: “How Ya Doin?”      
A3   Take It Easy      
A4   One Of These Nights      
A5   Don Henley: “Good Evening, Ladies And Gentlemen”      
A6   Take It To The Limit      
B1   Tequila Sunrise      
B2   In The City      
B3   Timothy B. Schmit: “Hey, Everybody, That’s Joe Walsh”      
B4   I Can’t Tell You Why      
C1   New Kid In Town      
C2   Don Henley: “Just want to thank all of you…”      
C3   How Long      
C4   Deacon Frey: “Hello, Everybody…”      
C5   Peaceful Easy Feeling      
C6   Ol’ 55      
D1   Lyin’ Eyes      
D2   Love Will Keep Us Alive      
D3   Vince Gill: “How About A Nice Hand For California, Man…”      
D4   Don’t Let Our Love Start Slippin’ Away      
E1   Those Shoes      
E2   Already Gone      
E3   Walk Away      
F1   Joe Walsh: “Is Everybody Ok?”      
F2    Joe Walsh: “Is Everybody Ok?”      
F3   The Boys Of Summer      
F4   Heartache Tonight      
G1   Funk #49      
G2   Life In The Fast Lane      
G3   Hotel California      
H1   Rocky Mountain Way      
H2   Desperado      
H3   The Long Run      

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