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A1   Let's Get Rocked      4:56
A2   Heaven Is      3:37
A3   Make Love Like A Man      4:13
A4   Tonight      4:03
A5   White Lightning      7:37
B1   Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion)      4:31
B2   Personal Property      4:20
B3   Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad      5:25
B4   I Wanna Touch You      3:16
B5   Tear It Down      3:38
Retro Active      
C1   Desert Song      5:10
C2   Fractured Love      5:08
C3   Action      3:40
C4   Two Steps Behind (Acoustic Version)      4:17
D1   She's Too Tough      3:41
D2   Miss You In A Heartbeat      4:04
D3   Only After Dark      3:52
D4   Ride Into The Sun      3:12
E1   From The Inside      4:14
E2   Ring Of Fire      4:42
E3   I Wanna Be Your Hero      4:31
F1   Miss You In A Heartbeat (Electric Version)      4:58
F2   Two Steps Behind (Electric Version)      4:31
G1   Truth?      3:00
G2   Turn To Dust      4:21
G3   Slang      2:37
G4   All I Want Is Everything      5:20
G5   Work It Out      4:49
G6   Breathe A Sigh      4:06
H1   Deliver Me      3:04
H2   Gift Of Flesh      3:48
H3   Blood Runs Cold      4:26
H4   Where Does Love Go When It Dies      4:04
H5   Pearl Of Euphoria      6:22
I1   Demolition Man      3:24
I2   Promises      3:59
I3   Back In Your Face      3:20
I4   Goodbye      3:35
J1   All Night      3:37
J2   Paper Sun      5:27
J3   It's Only Love      4:06
K1   21st Century Sha La La La Girl      4:06
K2   To Be Alive      3:52
K3   Disintegrate      2:50
L1   Guilty      3:46
L2   Day After Day      4:36
L3   Kings Of Oblivion      4:17
Rarities 2      
M1   Tonight (Demo)      4:24
M2   When Love And Hate Collide (Demo)      6:09
M3   From The Inside (Bonus Track)      4:15
M4   Two Steps Behind (Bonus Track)      4:10
N1   She's Too Tough (Joe's Demo)      3:41
N2   Miss You In A Heartbeat (Phil's Demo)      5:37
N3   Tonight (Acoustic)      4:16
N4   S.M.C. (Bonus Track)      1:13
O1   Hysteria (Live In Bonn, Germany, 29/05/92)      7:17
O2   Photograph (Live In Bonn, Germany, 29/05/92)      4:45
O3   Pour Some Sugar On Me (Live In Bonn, Germany, 29/05/92)      5:10
O4   Let's Get Rocked (Live In Bonn, Germany, 29/05/92)      5:46
P1   Armageddon It (Live At The Hard Rock Cafè, Singapore, 26/10/95)      4:44
P2   Two Steps Behind (Live At The Hard Rock Cafè, Singapore, 26/10/95)      4:16
P3   From The Inside (Live At The Hard Rock Cafè, Singapore, 26/10/95)      3:44
P4   Animal (Live At The Hard Rock Cafè, Singapore, 26/10/95)      3:47
P5   When Love And Hate Collide (Live At The Hard Rock Cafè, Singapore, 26/10/95)      4:18
P6   Pour Some Sugar On Me (Live At The Hard Rock Cafè, Singapore, 26/10/95)      4:18
Rarities 3      
Q1   When Love And Hate Collide (Piano & Strings Version)      4:16
Q2   Can't Keep Away From The Flame (Japanese "Vault" Bonus Track)      2:37
Q3   Truth? (Original Version)      3:32
Q4   Move With Me Slowly (Bonus Track)      6:18
Q5   Work It Out (Viv's Demo)      3:31
R1   Bringing On The Heartbreak (Live At The Molson Centre, Montreal, 11/10/96)      4:15
R2   Switch 625 (Live At The Molson Centre, Montreal, 11/10/96)      3:55
R3   Miss You In A Heartbeat (Live At The Molson Centre, Montreal, 11/10/96)      5:25
R4   Work It Out (Live At The Molson Centre, Montreal, 11/10/96)      4:22
R5   Deliver Me (Live At The Molson Centre, Montreal, 11/10/96)      3:04
S1   When Saturday Comes (Bonus Track)      4:10
S2   Jimmy's Theme (Bonus Track)      3:18
S3   Burnout (Bonus Track)      4:08
S4   Immortal (Bonus Track)      3:50
S5   Worlds Collide (Bonus Track)      3:42
S6   I Am Your Child (Bonus Track)      3:34
T1   Demolition Man (Live At The Magness Arena, Denver, 09/12/99)      3:29
T2   When Love And Hate Collide (Live At The Kokusai Forum Hall, Tokyo, 02/10/99)      4:07
T3   Paper Sun (Live At The Kokusai Forum Hall, Tokyo, 02/10/99)      6:14
T4   Goodbye (Live At The Kokusai Forum Hall, Tokyo, 02/10/99)      3:39

The boxset includes the following albums: - Adrenalize - Retro Active (2LP) - Slang - Euphoria (2LP) - Rarities Volume 2 (2LP) - Rarities Volume 3 (2LP) All the records are 180 gram vinyl, mastered by Ronan McHugh. "Euphoria", "Rarities: Volume 2" and "Rarities: Volume 3" released for the first time on vinyl. Tracks S1 to S6 taken from "When Saturday Comes" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. The boxset includes a 40-page booklet containing exclusive Ross Halfin photos and new essays by Paul Elliot.
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