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Brangūs pirkėjai, artėja Kalėdos. Prekės gali būti pristatytos šiek tiek vėliau nei įprastai. Ačiū už Jūsų kantrybę ir supratimą.


WORKS BY COPLAND/HOVHANESS/HANSON Last Breath is the highly anticipated fifth book in the Gideon Johann Western series. It joins #1 bestseller novels on in Western Classics, Last Stand, Last Chance, Last Hope, & Last Ride.
Cattle are being rustled from ranches around Last Stand and seem to vanish into the night by the time they are discovered missing. The town and area ranchers begin to question Sheriff Gideon Johann's competency, especially after a ranch hand is killed guarding a herd and Gideon fails to prevent a bank robbery.
Gideon is about to become a grandfather and Deputy Finnegan Ford is expecting his first child - two births with life altering consequences.
Duane Boehm has written another western novel with enough humor, heartbreak, love, and outlaws to keep you turning the page.
Last Breath can be read as a stand-alone novel, but will provide a richer reading experience if the Gideon Johann Western Series is read in order.

Papildoma informacija

Atlikėjas V/A
Formatas CD
Barkodas 0013491160320
Leidėjas DELOS
Kodas DE1603
Pradėta prekiauti 1996.10.14
ID 762987
Pristatymo laikas darbo dienomis (galioja tik Lietuvoje) 14 - 30