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Leidimo data yra 2017.05.19.


  1. Over You
  2. Velvet Curtains
  3. City Of Fun
  4. Why' (Tonight)
  5. Summer Shakes
  6. Be My World
  7. Ahahahah (Oh No)
  8. Suiting Lies
  9. Summer Moon
  10. Too Late, Wild Heart
  11. I Will Be Fine


Nightmen can't avoid success. Swedish garage rock sensation is back with their second album! Nightmen started out in late 2014 in Malmö, Sweden. The members are previously known for being part of acts such as Terrible Feelings, Yast and MF/MB/, however Nighmen is something completely different. Combining garage rock-poses and sugary sweet power pop, Nightmen have made a name for themselves as one of the most interesting new rock bands to come out of Sweden. In early 2015 the debut-EP Girl for You was released by Rundgång Rekords. The music magazine Gaffa wrote the following,Charmingly, vibrant garage rock with nods to the pop music of the 60's. In 2016 Nightmen released their first LP,Fifteen Minutes of Pain, on Lövely Records. The music blog Hymn wrote:You can't be tough in all situations, the softer side of things needs to come forward as well. In the case of Nightmen the punk rock converge with the hook-laden power pop. You just can't live without melodies. In august of 2016 Nightmen recorded their second LP Can't Avoid Success in AGM-studios together with Joakim Lindberg. With the rural countryside as a backdrop a softer album with even more powerful pop sensibility was made. However the attitude is very much intact and the leather jackets still fit perfectly. Can´t Avoid Success is due for release in March 2017 on Lövely Records.

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Atlikėjas NIGHTMEN
Formatas LP
Barkodas 7340148110746
Leidėjas SIGN
Kodas LLYLP22
Pradėta prekiauti 2017.05.19
ID S64682
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