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Leidimo data yra 2017.04.28.


  1. 2 Cheesburgers (Hold the Fist)
  2. Infant Mortality
  3. Toxic Huff
  4. Influenza
  5. Laura
  6. Society
  7. In For Life
  8. Brickface
  9. Need Funds Now
  10. Slip Away
  11. Dead Baby
  12. All Alone
  13. Nonsense
  14. Superfly
  15. Who Cares?
  16. I Hate Poor People
  17. Respectable Man
  18. Dead Town
  19. Pork Boy
  20. Laura (Single Version)
  21. Laura (Extended Dance Mix Version)
  22. Get a Grip
  23. Society
  24. Brickface
  25. Superfly
  26. Toxic Huff
  27. GDMFSOB*


Notorious. Infamous. Inebriated. Banned, bored, busted and disgusted. Infant Mortality formed in 1989, following the break up of Morbid Life. The original line up of the band (with Scott Beeker Bartlett on bass) played its first show at the Camden, Delaware VFW as Your Mom. The second song of the set that night was called Infant Mortality, and the band changed their name to that moniker in the middle of the performance. Being from Dover, Delaware, there were very few venues that would book a punk band such as Infant Mortality. The local scene had devolved into metal. Biker bars, house parties, FOP shows and basement gigs were the norm. The first of several bassist casualties, Beeker was sacked in the spring of 93. The classic East Coast Assholes lineup of the band ( 93- 94; 98- 03; 2010 present) was solidified with Pat Bradley taking over the bass duties. In 1994, this version of the band put out the split 7 EP with Violent Society called East Coast Assholes. The EP received national press and was repressed in 98 on Schuylkill Records. The band tried out a series of bass players after Pat moved out of state (he returned a few years later). However, the only bassists to take the stage with the band during this period were Dave Loera and Bryan Bobel. Infant Mortality went on what was thought to be an indefinite hiatus around 2004, when vocalist Mike moved to Baltimore. Upon his return in the fall of 2010, though, the band agreed to a one-off local reunion show. This turned into five years of intermittent gigging, and eventually, to a full-on reunion. The full story of Infant Mortality could fill up a book or two. (Ron King alone would take up one book.) The band is grateful to Pat Society for looking out for us. We ve also shared the stage with many great bands over the years, and we re thankful for the experiences. To date, we are the only punk band from Dover that ever made a record. And now, after twenty-seven years of wildly drunken chaos, Infant Mortality are currently wrapping up the recording of our first full length release. Guitar: Ron King (formerly of Head Hurt, Morbid Life, others) Drums: Dan Hoster (Barons, Odd Squad) Vocals: Mike Pritchett Bass: Pat Bradley (Kurch, Spo-It s)

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Pavadinimas INFAMOUS
Formatas CD
Barkodas 0700261452777
Leidėjas CREEP
Kodas CPRPUN15
Pradėta prekiauti 2017.04.28
Žanras PUNK
ID S88121

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