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GAME/ JOEY ANDERSON REMIX Kaylie Hart has finally accepted that she can’t run from her past any longer. The monsters in her life aren’t the kind that vanish when you turn on the light. But she’s had a harder time accepting that the brother she thought had been killed two years ago might still be alive. She needs to dust off her old Hunter skills if she's going to find him and learn the truth about what killed her family. In addition to hunting again, Kaylie has also decided to open her heart to a fellow Hunter, Rafe. But when Rafe becomes a Siren’s latest victim, Kaylie’s two worlds collide and she is forced to face both of her deepest fears- love and loss. Just when she starts to accept their situation, her friend, Hope, is pulled into the deadly Hunter world and Kaylie helplessly faces the possibility that she may have to kill her best friend.

Papildoma informacija

Atlikėjas HUNTER
Pavadinimas DEAD SOUL
Formatas 12in
Barkodas 0880319848315
Leidėjas JUST THIS
Kodas JUSTTH013
Pradėta prekiauti 2017.04.07
Žanras HOUSE
ID T00384
Pristatymo laikas darbo dienomis 20 - 50