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  1. Petrichor Perfume
  2. Sun-Kissed Beings
  3. Sipping Beauty
  4. Feathers Falling Up
  5. Wrapped In Love
  6. Sighs N' Whispers
  7. Arms Wide Open
  8. Desire Unspoken
  9. Moondrops
  10. Where Time Disappears


Tom Grant's career, spanning the better part of 50 years, reveals a musical life rich with deep jazz roots, devastating sorrows, and spiritual awakening. Born to a vaudeville tap dancer and Busby Berkeley chorus-line star, he would soon develop a signature sound as a pianist and composer. He was profoundly influenced in all respects by his brother Mukunda Goswami, jazz pianist and principal founder of the Hare Krishna movement. After the untimely death of his parents, just out of high school Tom spent the early 70's as a public school teacher, only to dump that career for one in music when Miles Davis alumnus, drummer Tony Williams tapped Tom to tour and record with him. (Tom also toured with other jazz greats: Joe Henderson, Charles Lloyd and Woody Shaw.) Fresh off the road from the Tony Williams experience, Tom started writing and recording his own version of the nascent contemporary (smooth) jazz sound. He is often credited with fathering this genre as his records throughout the 80's and 90's consistently topped the AAA Jazz charts. Sipping Beauty is his follow up to his first New Age/relaxation/meditation collection, The Light Inside My Dream, which debuted in 2015. This is his 29th career record and is, in many ways, his best. The ineffable meditative quality of tracks such as Moondrops, Petrichor Perfume, Desire Unspoken, Where Time Disappears, and Feathers Falling Up promise the listener a sensual journey to the core of one's own existence. There is gorgeous guitar work on several tracks by Kevin Karrick and Tom's long-time band mate and fellow Oregon Music Hall of Fame member, David Captein plays bass on two tracks. David also plays sitar on a track and is co-writer of one of the songs. All other songs are composed by Tom. Sipping Beauty is texturally rich and wrapped lovingly in the warm embrace of Mr. Grant's beautiful piano sonorities.

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Atlikėjas GRANT, TOM
Formatas CD
Barkodas 0760137978824
Leidėjas NU WINKLE
Kodas NWR55513
Pradėta prekiauti 2017.04.13
ID S78575
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