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  1. Intro
  2. Once You Go Blak
  3. Wake Up
  4. Tables Turn
  5. Fallin’ Down
  6. Friends
  7. Economix
  8. Tasters Choice
  9. Crazy
  10. The Youth
  11. Starvin’ Artist
  12. Firewater
  13. So Many
  14. Peace
  15. No Coast Allstars
  16. Daddy Dearest
  17. Diamonds (Diemon)


Smashing through the glitz and grime of the ultra commercial, jiggy, thugged-out music industry, West Philadelphia’s Baby Blak steps to the plate, mic drawn and lyrics poised on his debut release Once You Go Blak for BBE/Rapster. Those that longingly remember the days of Rakim and KRS-One have anxiously awaited an MC that could speak to the nation’s streets. Refusing to be categorized as a member of the slumber underground, Blak insists on defining his music with a rare authenticity and balance while teaching complacent MC’s what the future of the funk is all about. Having collaborated with Black Thought and Malik B (The Roots), KRS-One, DJ Babu, Grand Agent, Alchemist and being featured on four stand-out cuts including the classic "For Da Love of Da Game" for DJ Jazzy Jeff's "The Magnificent," Blak has more than proven his MC skills amidst his peers and mentors alike.

With vivid storytelling ability, witty wordplay and a highly complex rhyme patterns on full display, Once You Go Blak sets a new standard. The wait is over; hip hop’s renaissance is now, because like they say, Once You Go Blak…you never go back!

Papildoma informacija

Atlikėjas BABY BLAK
Pavadinimas ONCE U GO BLAK
Formatas CD
Barkodas 0730003902024
Leidėjas K7
Kodas RRCD0020
Pradėta prekiauti 2013.11.27
ID L63191

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